A quick taste of Mediterranean from Pita Mediterranean Street Food.

A coworker of mine told me a couple of weeks ago that he was enjoying the food blog, but he wanted me to write about restaurants he could actually go to. He lives north of Atlanta, GA. Actually, he lives north of the suburbs that are north of Atlanta! His selection of restaurants is slim and there is most likely a lack of anything new and exciting up where he lives. He mentioned Wendy’s and McDonald’s…

Today I was thinking about this conversation and about restaurants in the area where we work. Recently, a quick growing Georgia based chain opened up a new store in the Canton, GA area; Pita Mediterranean Street Food. This is a place he could try! Even better; it was a gorgeous day and I was in the mood to drive my garage-queen Ford Mustang to go out and get myself some lunch!


Pita Mediterranean Street Food originally opened in Peachtree City, GA in 2011. Today they have 24 locations across Georgia (with more opening soon!), and additional restaurants in Alabama and South Carolina. They serve easy to eat Mediterranean style fast food dishes and have something on the menu for everyone. I fell in love with this place back when there was only the original store in Peachtree City. Today I’m lucky to have one down the road in the Marietta, GA area with one opening even closer to my house soon!

Having eaten at Pita Mediterranean Street Food before, I decided that today I wanted to try something different. No, not something from the menu, but the method of ordering. I pulled out my smart phone, quickly Googled the restaurant, and navigated to the online ordering section of the Pita Mediterranean Street Food website. Once I selected the location I wished to order from, it was easy to create an account and start selecting items off the menu. Of course, like always, I over ordered! I selected one of my favorites from their choices; the Steak Shawarma Street Pita with a side of seasoned rice. I also added extra seasoned rice and a small side of sriracha hummus with pita triangles. Ordering online was pretty easy and you are even able to pay online for a quicker pick-up experience.

Online ordering was quick and easy.

Once my lunch was ordered, it was time to hop in my Mustang and enjoy some window down cruising on an unusually comfortable July day down here in hot and steamy Georgia! I arrived at the restaurant shortly before my order was completely prepared, and hung out in the dining room for a minute while my order was being wrapped up. Pita Mediterranean Street Food in Marietta is a chic and clean restaurant with most of the food prep happening within site of the customers in an open prep area.

Here is a quick way to pic up a quick lunch!

Once I got home it was time to tear into my lunch. I started with the Steak Shawarma Street Pita. Shawarma is a traditional Middle Eastern meat dish, made from marinated meat cut into small, thin strips that are slow roasted on skewers in a similar manner to gyro meat. Pita Mediterranean Street Food offers both steak and chicken shawarma. I love steak shawarma with its rich Mediterranean spices and Pita Mediterranean Street Food serves their steak shawarma either on a pita or a platter (with the pita bread on the side and two sides). Both dishes are garnished with lettuce, tomato, and tahini sauce. The Street Pita comes with a choice of one side, and I selected the seasoned rice. I highly recommend Pita Mediterranean Street Food’s Steak Shawarma! It’s packed with unique flavors that are a little dissimilar from our usual American fare.

Steak Shawarma Pita with Seasoned Rice.

For some reason I love the seasoned rice from Pita Mediterranean Street Food. Fair warning; this is not for vegetarians (the chain features some veggie only dishes such as Falafel) as it is prepared with some sort of meat ingredient (most likely chicken broth). Unfortunately, I ordered an extra side of the seasoned rice. The original serving was more than enough!

I shouldn’t have ordered extra rice!

Just because I enjoy hummus, I also elected to try the sriracha hummus with some sliced up pita bread. I only ordered the small side and found it to be a generous serving. I think the hummus was the perfect accompaniment to the flavors of the shawarma and rice.

Siraracha hummus!

If you enjoy Mediterranean food, you’ll probably love Pita Mediterranean Street Food. If you haven’t really tried Mediterranean food before, get your ass into a Pita Mediterranean Street Food and try it out! You can start safe with a gyro (or the Signature Gyro with fries on it!) and expand from there. Like I mentioned before, this place has something for most people; offering steak, chicken, fish, vegetarian, gluten free, and Halal meat. Just don’t over order like me!

I ordered way to much, like usual!

What you need to know:

  • Pita Mediterranean Street Food is good!
  • They have tons of locations, especially in the Metro-Atlanta area.
  • If you haven’t had this kind of food before, BE ADVENTUROUS! It’s pretty good!
  • Don’t over order like me! I’m a fat-kid in training.

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