Catfish Hox

Honest, no frills, great tasting, Southern home cooking made with a ton of pride!

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Sometimes simple really is better. Sometimes a dish doesn’t need a ton of spices and complex flavors; it just needs good, quality ingredients and attention to detail.

This is a sign of good food ahead!

Catfish Hox delivers this simplicity with attention to detail in a very comfortable environment. Located near the corner of Sandy Plains Road and East Piedmont Road in Marietta, GA, Catfish Hox sits unassumingly in a small strip mall. When one approaches the front door, the first hint that good food lies ahead is the smell! Catfish Hox uses Big Green Egg smokers near the store front to prepare some of their menu items, and the smell is ridiculously good. Stepping inside, you’ll be warmly greeted and seated in a dining room with comfortable Southern charm. The best part of the dining experience, apart from the good food, is the Blues music. It’s the perfect accompaniment to the food served up by Catfish Hox’s chef, Philip Creasor.

Whatever was on the Big Green Egg was smelling good!

Catfish Hox bills itself as a mom and pop joint, owned by Chef Philip Creasor and his wife, Vivian Creasor. Chef Phil is a Marine veteran; something that is reflected in the attention to detail that’s evident when your plate arrives to the table. Chef Phil uses farm-to-table ingredients, as well as large catfish fillets brought in from Mississippi, to create his dishes. Catfish Hox covers all the bases, serving up not just catfish, but also smoked chicken, smoked pulled pork, occasionally brisket, and a small variety of other dishes and sides. Take note of their Facebook page for their daily specials, such as Tomahawk Taco Tuesdays (Southern fried catfish tacos), Trio Thursdays (NC style pulled pork, smoked chicken wings, and Southern fried catfish), and Fish Fry Friday. The aforementioned comfortable dining room has a small bar featuring local craft beers and a modest wine selection.

I could sit here for hours, eating, drinking, and listening to the great Blues music.

On this particular trip, I ordered like a gluttonous fool! I’ve had a couple of different items at Catfish Hox in the past (all of it great!), but I knew for sure I wanted their namesake catfish this go, so I ordered the catfish platter. I also added Catfish Hox’s fried green tomatoes and their mac & cheese to my order. Of course, I also had to have sweet tea with this meal!

Oops! I ordered too much food!

The fried green tomatoes are beautiful, they’re HUGE, and they’re served with some of that attention to detail I mentioned before by being plated simply on a small bed of greens. This Yankee became acquainted with fried green tomatoes shortly after moving to the south, and I’ve grown to have an appreciation for good fried green tomatoes. I’ve had some bad examples in the past; usually too greasy or not crunchy. Catfish Hox’s fried green tomatoes are simply the BEST I’ve ever had. They are coated in a very crunchy corn meal and perfectly fried. The fried green tomatoes come with a herb sauce that I actually didn’t like the first time I had tried them. I’ve since changed my mind about the sauce and find the flavor of the sauce to be the perfect pairing with the fried green tomatoes.

The BEST fried green tomatoes I’ve ever had!

The catfish platter is plenty for one person; coming with two nicely sized Southern fried catfish fillets, corn hushpuppies, coleslaw, and a remoulade. The Southern fried catfish is very moist with a nice, crunchy, cornmeal coating. The flavor is very nice and a little remoulade is a good addition without being too much. The corn hush puppies are also very good, adding something a touch sweet to the plate. Then there is the coleslaw, which is vinegar based. It provides a touch of acid to the plate and is a thoughtful addition as it balances the flavors nicely. Bottom line, I could eat more of the catfish; in fact I want to eat myself stupid with the catfish!

I should have just ordered the catfish plate!

Catfish Hox’s mac & cheese is the epitome of Southern, home style, mac & cheese. Of the sides I’ve had at Catfish Hox, this is the best! I can’t remember having had “real” mac & cheese until I moved to the south from New Jersey; and Southern, homemade mac & cheese made me fall in love with the dish all over again. Catfish Hox’s mac & cheese is top tier in my book! Even better, it’s served in a huge portion that would probably be just right for two adults (or one fat boy like me).

This is damn good mac & cheese!

Once you try Catfish Hox for yourself, you will see that Chef Phil and his staff take pride in the product they turn out. This is evident in the quality of the food, the warmth of the staff, and the charm of their dining room. The food is fresh, honest, unpretentious, simple, and prepared like homemade. Damn, I want more of that catfish and mac & cheese!

What you need to know about Catfish Hox:

  • Supporting local, veteran and women owned businesses is good!
  • The food is great! It’s simple! It’s practically homemade!
  • Try their Southern burger with bacon and pimento cheese too!
  • I already want more catfish and mac & cheese!

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