Some food is good. Some bad food is great!

A much requested project finally takes fruition.

Over the years, I’ve grown an appreciation for truly good food. I’m talking gourmet meals that cause a person to sit down and savor each bite as a tear starts to form. But I’m also a blue collar guy that loves his blue collar food. And let’s face it; some of that food is down right unhealthy. Food that will stick to your ribs, and your arteries, as it brings the biggest smile to your face. It’s really good, bad food! This blog will get a little crazy at times. It will hit on some really good gourmet food. It will tempt you with some really good, bad for you food. But hopefully, it will all be great tasting food and a great time!

What can you expect?

  • Gourmet food! We’ll explore some great dishes that will make you cry!
  • Good bad food! Those horrible dishes that clog arteries but are just damn comfortable!
  • Restaurants! I love cooking, but having other people cook for me? Oh hell yeah! It’s the best!
  • Cooking gadgets and tools! We’ll take a look at what’s in the kitchen (and by the grill!) to make some great dishes come together!

I appreciate your support and feedback. Please feel free to reach out and comment on how this is coming together. And of course, THANK YOU for your support!

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